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SubjectRe: Extraneous whitespace removal?
* Wayne Scott <> on Thu, Nov 29, 2001:

> From: Jeremy M. Dolan <>
> > Pluses:
> > - clean up messy whitespace
> > - cut precious picoseconds off compile time
> > - cut kernel tree by 200k (+/- alot)
> >
> > Minuses:
> > - adds 3.8M bzip2 or 4.7M gzip to next diff
> As someone who has spend a lot of time working on version control and
> file merging, let be tell you the big minus you missed.
> After this patch go into the Linux kernel, everyone who is maintaining
> a set of patches in parallel with the main kernel has a lot of extra
> work resolving the conflicts caused by this change. You have touched
> a huge number of lines and people will have to walk a list of merge
> conflicts everywhere they have made local changes and pick their side.
> And anytime people do a whole series of the same edits over and over
> they will miss that real conflict in the middle and lose some
> important change.

diff -w, diff -b, diff -B

M. R.
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