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SubjectRe: 2.4.16 freezed up with eepro100 module

(forgot to cc lkm on my reply)

> Has anybody got the same issue with non Dell machines?

All I have to test with are Dell machines, so I haven't been able to

> I am running 2.4.16 on a Compaq proliant ML 370 without problems (machine has
> been up for 2+ days with the new kernels, though). Trafic is not very high.

The trigger seems to be a combination of high network load, and high
system load. The times it's happened to me, it's been while running
an app that has a couple of hundred threads, uses about a gig and a
half or so of memory, and does pretty heavy disk and network I/O. I'm
still trying to find a job that can reproduce it reliably (or even
semi-reliably), and when I can, I'm going to try a switch over to the
e100 driver as some people have suggested, to see if that stops it
from happening.

Nathan <>
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