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SubjectRe: [OT] RH 2.4.7 kernel panic: How to get a new kernel on there?
> I just upgraded my VAIO PCG-fx210 to RH 7.2 (from RH 7.1 + custom kernel).
> I also upgraded to GRUB.
> Now, the kernel panics every time when I try too boot.

This isn't exactly relevant to what you're asking.. but I have similar
troubles with my Vaio PCG-FX101 and 2.4.x.
I found that I couldn't make it boot without spending a long time playing
with the PCMCIA options, and it still locks up whenever I insert a cardbus
This could be related to your problems - regardless of whether or not you
have PC Card inserted, there are certain cardbus chips which seem to lock up
in 2.4.x.

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