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Subjectwrong domainname in ipconfig.c
Dear all,

In ipconfig.c the GNU extension'ss domainname (ypdomain or nisdomain) in
system_utsname.domainname is wrong after executing the function "__init
ip_auto_config_setup()". It has mixed with the dnsdomain passed from the
kernel command line "ip=". This also results in the wrong hostname which
is passed by the command line, this make commands like "domainname",
"nisdomainname", "dnsdomainname" and "hostname" output wrong
information. The dns domainname should be read from the hostname from
the "uname()" call. The nisdomainname stored in the
system_utsname.domainname is a GNU extension. To support passing
nisdomain from the kernel command line should use a separate parameter
such as "nisdomain=" or "ypdomain=" where #ifdef _GNU_SOURCE will enable
compile-in of this bootup option to allow bootup configure with the
nisdomain. I will make a patch for this later. If anyone is also doing
the same thing, please give me a notice. Thanks.



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