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SubjectExt2 directory index, updated
***N.B.: still for use on test partitions only.***

This update mainly fixes a bug, a one-in-a-million occurance on an untested
code path. This bug resulted in rm -rf deleting all files but one from a
million-file directory. I believe that's the last untested code path, and
otherwise it's been very stable.

I didn't expect highmem to work properly, and it didn't. It's on my to-do
list, but for now highmem has to be off or you will oops on boot.

I elaborated the dx_show_buckets debug output to show dump the full index
tree instead of just one level. This function now serves as a capsule
summary of the index tree structure, and as you can see, it's simple.

I've done quite a bit more testing, including stress testing on a real
machine and I find that everything works quite comfortably up to about 2
million files, turning in an average time of about 50 microseconds/create and
300 microseconds/delete (1 GHz PIII). In the 4 million file range things go
pear-shaped, which I believe is not due to the index patch, but to rd. The
runs do complete, but require exponentially more time, with cpu 98% idle and
block throughput in the 300/second range. I'll look into that more later.

I did run into some bad mm behavior on 2.4.13. The icache seems to be too
severely throttled, resulting in delete performance being less than it should
be. I also find I am rarely unable to create a million file test run on uml
(2.4.13) without oom-ing. In my experience, such problems are not due to
uml, but to the kernel's memory manager. These issues may have been
addressed in recent pre-patch kernels, but it seems there is a still some
room for improvement in mm stability.

The patch is available at:

To apply:

cd /your/source/tree
patch -p0 <this.patch


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