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SubjectRe: where the hell is pci_read_config_xyz defined
On 29 Nov 2001, Daniel Stodden wrote:
> i hope this question is not too stupid, but i think i've grepped all
> through it now.
> i see the prototype in linux/pci.h
> i looked at i386/kernel/pci-pc.c.
> i see the bios/direct access diversion. i don't see (*pci_config_read)()
> referenced elsewhere except within the acpi stuff.
> i looked at drivers/pci/*
> i even consulted lxr. nyet. nada.
> giving up now. any hint would be greatly appreciated. am i blind?

This is a common question I think. Try looking for the following in

#define PCI_OP(rw,size,type) \
int pci_##rw##_config_##size (struct pci_dev *dev, int pos, type value) \
{ \
[ ... ]

PCI_OP(read, byte, u8 *)
PCI_OP(read, word, u16 *)
PCI_OP(read, dword, u32 *)
PCI_OP(write, byte, u8)
PCI_OP(write, word, u16)
PCI_OP(write, dword, u32)


Grant Erickson

Grant Erickson University of Minnesota Alumni
o 1996 BSEE
o 1998 MSEE

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