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SubjectRe: dac960 broken ?
  Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 15:19:38 +0100 (CET)
From: Pascal Lengard <>


I have several "servers" using old mylex DAC960P scsi raid adapter.
So I though clever to install redhat 7.2 on them ...

redhat 7.2 does install and run well with the 2.4.7-10 kernel from the
distribution, but when I try upgrading to 2.4.9-13 (via rpm) it does not boot,
there is a problem with resolving ext3fs symbols ... this is more a RedHat
problem, but read on :-)

I choosed to compile a customized kernel with only what I need inside kernel
(ext3fs, dac960, ..) plus some modules I might need some day.

I tried compiling 2.4.14 => my mylex card is not detected !
(driver dac960 version 2.4.11 from 11 october 2001)
I tried with 2.4.9-13 from redhat => same problem
(driver dac960 version 2.4.10 from 23 july 2001)
I tried custom 2.4.7-10 from redhat => works like a charm
(driver dac960 version 2.4.10 from 1 february 2001)
all these kernels were compiled with the same .config (make oldconfig)

hardware used:
DAC960P-2, D040351-0-IBM REV.E firmware 3.51-0-04

detected like this by kernel 2.4.7-10:
DAC960: ***** DAC960 RAID Driver Version 2.4.10 of 1 February 2001 *****
DAC960: Copyright 1998-2001 by Leonard N. Zubkoff <>
DAC960#0: Configuring Mylex DAC960PD PCI RAID Controller
DAC960#0: Firmware Version: 3.51-0-04, Channels: 2, Memory Size: 4MB
DAC960#0: PCI Bus: 1, Device: 10, Function: 0, I/O Address: 0x6200
DAC960#0: PCI Address: 0xBF800C00 mapped at 0xC482DC00, IRQ Channel: 11
DAC960#0: Controller Queue Depth: 64, Maximum Blocks per Command: 128
DAC960#0: Driver Queue Depth: 63, Scatter/Gather Limit: 17 of 17 Segments
DAC960#0: Stripe Size: 64KB, Segment Size: 8KB, BIOS Geometry: 128/32

I am insterested in any clue, since I am stuck to 2.4.7 for now ...
linux-kernel readers, please cc me on replies since I am not subscribed
to the list.

Pascal Lengard

Hmmm. Nothing you've described makes any sense to me as I don't believe the
driver has changed in a way that would break the basic detection of the boards.
When you say that the card is not detected, precisely what do you mean? Does
the driver report anything at all?

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