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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Hooks for new fbdev api
    On 29 Nov 01 at 9:35, James Simmons wrote:
    > +struct fbcursor {
    > + __u16 set; /* what to set */
    > + __u16 enable;/* cursor on/off */
    > + struct fbcurpos pos;/* cursor position */
    > + struct fbcurpos hot;/* cursor hot spot */
    > + struct fb_cmap cmap;/* color map info */

    >From what you wrote I assume that cmap.start must be 0 and cmap.len
    some length, and it must be always set, as otherwise it is impossible
    to guess image/mask depth from it.

    > + struct fbcurpos size;/* cursor bit map size */
    > + char *image;/* cursor image bits */
    > + char *mask;/* cursor mask bits */

    And maybe it is better to go with Geert idea? Remove mask, and
    make image just really use cmap - if cmap entry is 100% transparent,
    it is like that bit(mask) == 1, and add one more field for inverted
    cmap entry. As no driver can use image/mask immediately anyway, there
    is no big problem.

    I hope that mask/image format is going to be specified somewhere
    more exactly - like whether each image/mask line consist of
    non-fractional number of bytes, what happens if cmap has 8 entries
    and other legal, but hard to implement, features...
    Petr Vandrovec

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