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SubjectRe: IDE controller detection 2.4 +devfs
Rene Rebe writes:
> On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 17:17:59 -0700
> Richard Gooch <> wrote:
> > Rene Rebe writes:
> [...]
> > So what's the problem? It's a similar naming scheme as used for
> > SCSI. It doesn't matter if you have something plugged into a bus, the
> > host numbering doesn't change. This is a Feature[tm].
> Aeh? I can not follow. I feel completely comfortable with the names
> (strings) or subdirs, you use. My problem: I have 2
> ide-controllers. I would like to get them as host0 and host1. Boths
> with the sub-dirs bus0 and bus1. Reading your answer I though you
> mean it is fixed due to the pci-id's - but they do not match ...

No, the "bus" I referred to was the SCSI or IDE bus. And IDE bus
supports two devices (called master and slave) while a SCSI bus
supports many more devices. It has nothing to do with PCI ID's.

> And disabling one channel in the bios shouldn't move the controller
> from host0 to host1 ... - I do not see the system-behind that ...

Um, from your previous message, it seems that host numbering doesn't
change depending on BIOS settings.

So what exactly is happening? And what is the problem? I realise you
may find the naming a little confusing, but is there an actual


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