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SubjectRe: 32 bit UIDs on 2.4.14
On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 08:06:30PM -0600, wrote:
> Hi.
> What is the trick to get more than 2^16 uids working on all services??
> I'm using kernel 2.4.14, libc6 compiled with 2.4.7 headers, lib(pam|nss)-ldap
> openldap, wu-imap, cuci-pop, samba, telnet, ssh, Debian Potato.
> 'id' and 'getent passwd high-uid-user' both return the right uid (which
> is stored on the ldap system), but 'ls -l' truncates the uid if it's higher than
> 65536 (say for uid 80000, it reports 14464), and sshd, telnetd and imapd deny
> logins because setuid() invalidates a >16 bit interger as argument.
> What should I recompile?? is there a moderately easy workaround??

That patch is in the 2.4.13-ac7 don't use -ac8.

It's probably somewhere else, but I don't know who origionally submited the
patch to Alan.

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