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SubjectRe: RFC: ethernet links should remember routes the same as addresses
Andi Kleen wrote:
> "Christopher Friesen" <> writes:
> > Currently, if I run "ip link set dev ethX down", all routes associated with that
> > IP address in the additional routing tables are lost. This is somewhat
> > understandable, as the addresses are not actually available anymore. However,
> > the addresses are still visible associated with the link. Then I run "ip link
> > set dev ethX up". The route in the main routing table comes back, but none of
> > the other routes do. Somehow, all of those additional routes must be re-added.
> ip route list dev device > BACKUP
> ...
> while read i ; do ip route add $i ; done < BACKUP

Unfortunately, this seems to only list the routes in the main routing table, and
these routes are recreated automatically when I bring the link back up.

The problem is that I have routes in multiple other routing tables, and they
don't show up in this command. I assume I'd have to run a similar command for
each routing table, which is kind of a pain.

If the driver re-init is totally separate from the routing code, is there any
real reason why shutting down the driver *should* remove all routes to that
device? Maybe the simplest solution would be a new ioctl that would be a link
*reset*...just down/up the link without affecting anything else....

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Nortel Networks | work: (613) 765-0557
3500 Carling Avenue | fax: (613) 765-2986
Nepean, ON K2H 8E9 Canada | email:
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