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Only in 2.4.17pre1aa1: 00_blkdev-ulimit-1

Avoid SIGXFSZ with old libc or with ulimit set on a blkdev.

Only in 2.4.15aa1: 00_iput-unmount-corruption-fix-1
Only in 2.4.15aa1: 00_read_super-stale-inode-1

Use fix in mainline (equivalent in practice).

Only in 2.4.15aa1: 00_silent-stack-overflow-10
Only in 2.4.17pre1aa1: 00_silent-stack-overflow-11


Only in 2.4.17pre1aa1: 00_time_vs_gettimeofday-1

Make time() monotone against gettimeofday (from Andi Kleen).

Only in 2.4.15aa1: 10_block-highmem-all-18b-1
Only in 2.4.17pre1aa1: 10_block-highmem-all-18b-2

Alternate fix for the bounce_pfn boundary check (avoid
bouncing one more page than necessary sometime).

Only in 2.4.15aa1: 10_vm-17
Only in 2.4.17pre1aa1: 10_vm-18

Minor vm tweaks in function of the feedback received.
Included Andrews' dirty += BUF_LOCKED.

Only in 2.4.15aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.14-5.bz2
Only in 2.4.17pre1aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.15-3.bz2

Latest update from Jeff.

Only in 2.4.17pre1aa1: 60_tux-flush_icache_range-1

Needed in -aa.

Only in 2.4.15aa1: 60_tux-2.4.15-pre9-B1.bz2
Only in 2.4.17pre1aa1: 60_tux-2.4.16-final-A3.bz2

Latest update from Ingo.

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