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SubjectRe: "spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ7"
Alan Cox wrote:

> IRQ7 is asserted when the PIC sees an interrupt but nobody appears to be
> generating it when it looks.
> -

I had the same symptoms on an uniprocessor IBM PC300GL (pretty standard
pc, 32MB ram, 333MHz celeron [pre-coppermine], 82371AB PIIX E-IDE/ACPI
Intel Motherboard, 66MHz bus), S3 Trio3D (IBM integrated - **does that
mean anything to you? XFree86-SVGA doesn't work on it, but XFree86-S3
version 4.0.1
-RH 7.0- seems to work fine with the s3virge driver) AGP graphics board
vram) plus an Avance ALS4000 card are all I've got. I was worried
I don't have any 8259A's on my motherboard and this led me to kgcc.
The problem occured _only_ when I, unknowingly, used RH 7.0's gcc 2.96
(not one of the updated 2.96's). With that build (a 2.4.8 kernel), I
learnt my lesson when linux got utterly stuck twice in a single day.
Since then, builds with standard gcc's recommended by Linus (egcs/kgcc
&& gcc 2.95.3) have seen the end of this problem. The message came up
during normal use, not in a special situation such as bootup, etc.
Hope this has been of some help.

PS: Is gcc-2.96.99 currently in RawHide as good (or better ;) as
gcc-2.95.3 for kernel builds? Jakub Jelinek seems to be doing a good job
on it...

- ioj

"And King Parakramabahu sent men with a bushel of Rice each to every
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people was being produced. He built tanks of water and cultivated more
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