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Subjectdac960 broken ?

I have several "servers" using old mylex DAC960P scsi raid adapter.
So I though clever to install redhat 7.2 on them ...

redhat 7.2 does install and run well with the 2.4.7-10 kernel from the
distribution, but when I try upgrading to 2.4.9-13 (via rpm) it does not boot,
there is a problem with resolving ext3fs symbols ... this is more a RedHat
problem, but read on :-)

I choosed to compile a customized kernel with only what I need inside kernel
(ext3fs, dac960, ..) plus some modules I might need some day.

I tried compiling 2.4.14 => my mylex card is not detected !
(driver dac960 version 2.4.11 from 11 october 2001)
I tried with 2.4.9-13 from redhat => same problem
(driver dac960 version 2.4.10 from 23 july 2001)
I tried custom 2.4.7-10 from redhat => works like a charm
(driver dac960 version 2.4.10 from 1 february 2001)
all these kernels were compiled with the same .config (make oldconfig)

hardware used:
DAC960P-2, D040351-0-IBM REV.E firmware 3.51-0-04

detected like this by kernel 2.4.7-10:
DAC960: ***** DAC960 RAID Driver Version 2.4.10 of 1 February 2001 *****
DAC960: Copyright 1998-2001 by Leonard N. Zubkoff <>
DAC960#0: Configuring Mylex DAC960PD PCI RAID Controller
DAC960#0: Firmware Version: 3.51-0-04, Channels: 2, Memory Size: 4MB
DAC960#0: PCI Bus: 1, Device: 10, Function: 0, I/O Address: 0x6200
DAC960#0: PCI Address: 0xBF800C00 mapped at 0xC482DC00, IRQ Channel: 11
DAC960#0: Controller Queue Depth: 64, Maximum Blocks per Command: 128
DAC960#0: Driver Queue Depth: 63, Scatter/Gather Limit: 17 of 17 Segments
DAC960#0: Stripe Size: 64KB, Segment Size: 8KB, BIOS Geometry: 128/32

I am insterested in any clue, since I am stuck to 2.4.7 for now ...
linux-kernel readers, please cc me on replies since I am not subscribed
to the list.

Pascal Lengard

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