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SubjectRe: Multiplexing filesystem
Mark Richards wrote:
> I'll look into Coda, but ideally I wouldn't have to copy each file to the local
> workstation when I use it, only when it is reserved for editing. Also, I'd like to
> be able to store the local copy anywhere on the filesystem, if possible.

Worried your drive will fill up? The files copied to your
drive is merely copied as a "caching" operation. They
still seem to reside at the server - this is totally transparent.
And of course you can limit this caching - if too many files
is cached some is simply thrown away. (Or sent back
if they were changed.) They will be re-
loaded automatically if you ever need them again.

If you really want to store them where you want instead of
transparent access, why bother with a new FS at all?
(I believe coda lets you specify where the caching
will happen, if you have several partitions/drives)

Simply run a script that reserves the file (by using
the permission system) and *copy* it to
where you want. Check-in will consist of copying
the altered file back, and restore normal permissions.

You might even want to run a system like CVS, unless
there is some special reason for not doing that.

Helge Hafting
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