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SubjectTiny cosmetic patch
I noticed that lots of printk() have no loglevel tag on them, bringing them
down to loglevel 4. This results in many spurious messages when a loglevel
below 7 is selected.

Here's a tiny patch for a couple of "PCI: Enabling device" messages, which I
chose because there IS one of them with a KERN_INFO tag:
linux-2.5.16/arch/sh/kernel/pcibios.c:97: printk(KERN_INFO "PCI: Enabling
device %s (%04x -> %04x)\n", dev->name, old_cmd, cmd);
so - I thought - why others shouldn't have it? They ARE informational
messages! So here's the patch against 2.4.16. If it will be included, I will
fix up some others...
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