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SubjectRe: 'spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ7'
Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> IRQ7 is usually connected to the parallel port. If there is no driver
> installed, that expects interrupts, you could end up with this
> annoying message because the printer status bits are all ORed into
> that IRQ line. You can disable this with software, though, and it
> might be a good idea.
> outb(0, BASE+2);
> ... where BASE is 0x278, 0x378, 0x3bc, etc.. the printer ports.

Hmmmm. I have a driver installed! I use a printer in my parallel port and i
need lp module is installed.

But... i am go to see if this message appears only on boot (before i load
the module) or appears all time...

> Also, a catch-all for confused interrupt controllers is IRQ7. Even
> without a parallel port, you can still get an occasional spurious
> interrupt. I think the kernel should have an interrupt handler for
> this interrupt that does nothing except ACK the interrupt and
> keep its mouth shut. The request_irq() procedure should ignore
> the fact that it is "in use", and let any driver have it without
> sharing it.

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