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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] vc_tty addition

    > > the printk is currently writting to the VT console. This small patch is
    > > the first step toward that. Also tusing vc_tty will be needed in
    > > keyboard.c when it handles more than one keyboard.
    > What happens when you have no tty bound to your console - and its just for
    > messages (eg the printer port console) ?

    What? What happens when you open /dev/console then? The tty layer
    redirects the console to some tty normally.

    If this is the case then I will do it the way I started out. Having the
    lock in struct console and sharing it with the tty layer. I was thinking
    about a tty_driver just for the struct console list anyways. Currently
    accessing /dev/console only effects the first console in the list instead
    of all of them. If this is true then that means /dev/consoel can exist
    without /dev/tty which could be a good thing.

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