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Subject[OT] Re: Hp82xxx external cd writer!
Miguel Maria Godinho de Matos wrote:

>I guys, i am not being able to put my externel hp to work!!!
>I have compiled the new 2.4.16 kernel and made sure i selected scsi support
>and the specific hp82xxx suport from the text box in menuconfig!
>But i have no clue how to put my cd writer to work under linux, at least to
>work as a cd-rom!!!!
>can any of u give a clue where to read something about it ( linux doc has got
>NOTHING ), or even explain me slowly :P how to put it to work?
I don't know if the hp82xxxx is an IDE or SCSI model, but you might want
to make sure ide-scsi support is compiled in or loaded as a module.
This was required for us to use cdrecord with an IDE cd writer. If you
are sure it is a SCSI cd writer, ignore the ide-scsi advice. As far as
actually burning a CD, we do something like the following:

mkisofs \
-translation-table \
-joliet \
-rational-rock \
-o CD-IMAGE-NAME.iso \

cdrecord -eject -v speed=4 -isosize CD-IMAGE-NAME.iso dev=3,3,0

You will need to change the dev=x,y,z to something appropriate, the
syntax is scsibus,target,lun. Try cdrecord -scanbus to find the proper
values. Also change the speed=4 to something appropriate for your cd
writer. There are probably gui tools which will allow you to do this
easier, but I am not familiar with them (search google or
or the KDE or Gnome sites).

Brian Strand

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