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SubjectRe: Coding style - a non-issue

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Peter Waltenberg wrote:

> The problem was solved years ago.
> "man indent"
> Someone who cares, come up with an indentrc for the kernel code, and get it
> into Documentation/CodingStyle
> If the maintainers run all new code through indent with that indentrc
> before checkin, the problem goes away.
> The only one who'll incur any pain then is a code submitter who didn't
> follow the rules. (Exactly the person we want to be in pain ;)).

indent does _not_ solve the problem of:
* buggers who think that MyVariableIsBiggerThanYourVariable is a
good name
* buggers who define a function with 42 arguments and body being
return (foo == bar) ? TRUE : FALSE;
* buggers who add 1001st broken implementation of memcmp(), call it
FooTurdCompare and prepend it with 20x80 block comment.
* buggers who use typedefs like WORD, DWORD, BYTE, IMANIDIOTSHOOTME
and other crap from the same source (OK, they don't write the last one
explicitly - not that it wasn't obvious from the rest of their, ahem, code).
* buggers who use Hungarian notation for no good reason and come up
with structure fields that sound like street names from R'Lyeh
* buggers who introduce wrappers for standard kernel stuff - like,
say it, typedef int Int32; and sprinkle their crap with per-architecture
* buggers who think that cpp is Just The Thing and produce turds that
would make srb cringe in disgust.

Al, -><- close to setting up a Linux Kernel Hall of Shame - one with names of
wankers (both individual and coprorat ones) responsible, their code and
commentary on said code...

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