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SubjectRe: [RFC] tree-based bootmem
* William Lee Irwin III ( wrote:
> Critiques, testing results, and any commentary whatsoever are quite welcome.

test results from 32-bit SPARC (sun4m).

2.5.1-pre1+show_trace_task (patch form DaveM)

applied cleanly, compiled fine, but didn't boot.

boot: 2.5.1-pre1-bootmem
Uncompressing image...
Loading initial ramdisk....
PROMLIB: obio_ranges 5
Fixup b f01e9720 doesn't refer to a SETHI at f0119e34[7fffc344]
Program terminated
Type help for more information
<#0> ok

so, where to go from here? btw, i did verify that a non bootmem patched
2.5.1-pre1-show_tace_task kernel booted.

# uname -a
Linux c.sous.sol 2.5.1-pre1 #8 SMP Wed Nov 28 08:55:49 PST 2001 sparc unknown

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