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SubjectRe: Google Test and 2.4.16

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Jeremy Puhlman wrote:

> Ok yesterday got the google tests running...The machine I ran it on
> was a standard (Old) white box...Athlon k6-450 with 128 MB of
> Ram....Using 256 MB of swap....The google test tries to use an
> adjustable 1/2 terra byte Block size...This is unrealistic for an
> embedded system or my system for that matter..So in trying to tune the
> test to the system it seems they would not run unless the block size
> was less then 60 MB...Not sure what the deal was...I tried turning on
> memory-overcommit but no dice...
> So basically I ran the test once through and every thing went fine...The
> test didn't seem to really stress the system very much...
> So I ran the same program 4 times, concurrently...The system did not
> seem to lose any responsiveness....This did stress the vm system since
> each of the processes were grabbing 60 megs...
> I did find that once the 4 processes finished their runs. I ran one
> more just for fun...Then the system locked up...

Can you get the backtraces (with magic sysrq) of such a lockup ?

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