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SubjectRe: sym53c875: reading /proc causes SCSI parity error
On 28 Nov 2001, at 14:13, Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer wrote:

> I bet it only happens when you're root and you read /proc/scsi/sym53c8xx/0
> (or whatever in your case).
> I had this discussion with Gérard Roudier and it's not a bug, rather a
> feature...

Care to elaborate? What happens when you read that file? And why does it
cause an error even when the disk is not currently being accessed? As I
said there can be considerable time between running my script and
accessing the disk. And why do I get different errors depending on whether
I access the disk before I run the script or run the script before I
access the disk?


Who is this General Failure,
and why is he reading my disk ?

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