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SubjectCompilation problem in ndisc.c / 2.5.1-pre2 : possible gcc bug?

I've been looking into the compile problems of net/ipv6/ndisc.c in
2.5.1-pre2 and I found that the asm generated by gcc (2.95.3) is wrong:

This is a small part of a diff betweem two asm files generated by gcc, note
the missing \n's in the wrong code:

- addl 0(%ebp), %edx
- adcl 4(%ebp), %edx
- adcl 8(%ebp), %edx
- adcl 12(%ebp), %edx
- adcl 0(%ecx), %edx
- adcl 4(%ecx), %edx
- adcl 8(%ecx), %edx
- adcl 12(%ecx), %edx
- adcl %edi, %edx
- adcl %eax, %edx
- adcl $0, %edx
+ addl 0(%ebp), %edxadcl 4(%ebp), %edxadcl 8(%ebp), %edxadcl 12(%ebp), %edxadcl 0(%ecx), %edxadcl 4(%ecx), %edxadcl 8(%ecx), %edxadcl 12(%ecx), %edxadcl %edi, %edxadcl %eax, %edxadcl $0, %edx

I'll be looking into this further tonight.

Erik Hensema (
I'm on the list, no need to Cc: me, though I appreciate one if your
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