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SubjectRe: 3 Questions
> 3) Aurora wants to track the driver in its source control system, but
> they have ISO 900X procedures that require maintaining the build
> environment under CVS. The build environment is basically the kernel
> against which it is developed. But new developer kernels are released
> fairly regularly (unlike new versions of Solaris or True64). Do
> maintainers of such driver software commonly maintain development
> environments across a complete range (e.g., all 2.4.* kernels)? Is
> there a FAQ with recommendations to help a hardware vendor deal with
> the nitty gritty details of making sure its driver software works
> properly across such a range of rapidly changing development
> environments?

Generally driver vendors only certify/support against "standard" vendor
released kernels. So instead of Linux they support "SuSE 7.3" "Red Hat 7.2"

Most also make a clear distinction between what is submitted to the GPL and
hacked about under the GPL, and what they will provide any guarantee on.

Think of it like a car.
The engine is only supported for the car it was designed for
You can rebore the engine but you wont get support
You can stick the engine in a different car but you wont get support

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