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Subject[patch] scalable timers implementation, 2.4.16, 2.5.0

the 'ultra scalable timers' patch, against 2.4.16 or 2.5.0 is available

these are the goals of the patch:

the current 2.4 timer implementation uses a global spinlock for
synchronizing access to the global timer lists. This causes excessive
cacheline ping-pongs and visible performance degradation under very high
TCP networking load (and other, timer-intensive operations).

The new implementation introduces per-CPU timer lists and per-CPU
spinlocks that protect them. All timer operations, add_timer(),
del_timer() and mod_timer() are still O(1) and cause no cacheline
contention at all (because all data structures are separated). All
existing semantics of Linux timers are preserved, so the patch is
'transparent' to all other subsystems.

(The patch does not attempt to change the timer interface in any way -
that might be done via different patches. These timers are compatible with
TIMER_BH & cli() methods of synchronization as well.)


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