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    Subject[BUG] 2.4.16pre1: minix initrd does not work, ext2 does

    I have 2 slackware initrds, one with minix fs on it, other with ext2.

    I compiled 2.4.13 and it panics (can't mount root fs) (don't remember with
    both initrds or only with minix one...).

    I copied .config to 2.4.10, did make oldconfig and all that other reqd makes,
    and it boots both initrds.

    Finally I tried it with 2.4.16pre1 (came .config again)
    and it cannot mount minix initrd.
    ("FAT: bogus sector size 0","VFS: unable to mount root fs")
    I further tested and that initrd CAN be mounted by 2.4.16pre1
    over loopback device with

    # mount -o loop /tmp/initrd.minix /mnt/mnt


    # mount -t fat,minix -o loop /tmp/initrd.minix /mnt/mnt

    (so we can't blame FAT for first saying "Yes it's fat, don't probe for
    others" and then "it is corrupted, can't use")

    Seems there is some problem with fs detection order during root fs mount.
    (minix isn't tried at all?) However, I failed to grok what affect order of fs
    type guessing at boot... can somebody point me where to look?
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