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SubjectRe: Kernel Releases
Bill Davidsen wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Nov 2001, David Relson wrote:
> I wish you luck. About 18 months ago I offered to set up a testing group
> to take kernel source before it with up for ftp and to compile it on
> various x86, SPARC{32,64}, and ALPHA machines to be sure it would at least
> compile. I was told with varying degrees of rudeness that it would delay
> the releases (that is a GOOD thing in stable kernels), and that I should
> avoid the 2.4 series and use the "stable" 2.2 kernsls (2.4 IS a stable
> kernel of course, although you would never gues it).

Nobody's against you running a compile-test setup. What they don't like
is the part about not releasing it until you have tested it.
That's because many others want to test too!
This is necessary - some may test aspects other than mere compiling.
Or perhaps a compiler different from yours.

Feel free to serve "known good" kernels - the masses who don't read
or don't want to risk possible new bugs will surely appreciate this.

Just don't limit those of us who want to test the very latest - even
kernels with known bugs. Maybe the bug won't bother me because I
don't use that driver/fs and things like that. I want the kernel even
if, say, minixfs is broken.

Downloading the latest kernel is _not_ for those who can't deal
with occational trouble.
Pre or no pre - development or "stable" series.
Those who run the latest is the testing team. If they don't want to
be, they go for kernels at least a couple of weeks old that haven't
gathered trouble reports.

Helge Hafting
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