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SubjectRe: [Fwd: Re: OOPS in agpgart (2.4.13, 2.4.15pre7)]
Hi Didier!

I misunderstood. I thought you have an on-board 830M video card :P

So you have an 830M motherboard, with a Radeon display card?

> >
> >
> > VideoRam "65536"
> >
> Are you sure about this ? I only have 32 MB.

As I said, I misunderstood. I thought you were using the i810 display driver
and I wanted to see what happens if you force the GART module to allocate
some additional system memory.

> Should this be tested with both patches ? I'm getting several
> suggestions about this problem : the possible permutations are
> augmenting, and I have some work to do too ... :)

If you have a Radeon display card and an 830M motherboard chipset, it might
be that the agpgart module is trying to use the 830M display chipset code.
that would definitely cause problems.

Before applying any patches, make sure that you have selected the following

[*] Intel 440LX/BX/GX and I815/I830M/I840/I850 support


when compiling the kernel, but NOT!!!!! the following:

[ ] Intel I810/I815/I830M (on-board) support

(i.e. CONFIG_AGP_I810=n)

If the agpgart module then crashes when you load it, there is a bug and you
should send me/kernel mailinglist the oops.

As for display problems, you should ask on the dri-devel mailinglist which
is the proper place to post display driver bugs. (If it we're the i810
display driver I could help you)



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