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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] omnibus header cleanup, certification
"H. Peter Anvin" <> writes:

> It's also worth noting that there is nothing that it can get confused
> with and still have a compilable expression.

Well, there are cases, where -1 and (-1) make a difference (see below)
but these are extremely unlikely to appear in the kernel src code.
Thus, I also think these patches are unnecessary.

For example,

int *p; and int *p
-1[p]; (-1)[p];

are both valid and compilable code segments, with no undefined or
implementation-defined behavior (as long as p points to an element of
an array other than the first and last), and both code segments do
different things.

> I don't believe the unary-expression patches are necessary. They are,
> of course, harmless, except for the fact that my eyes glazed over
> staring at page after page of these, which very few actual potential (!)
> bugs (there were a couple, like the iopage+ ones...)


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