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SubjectRe: Restoring videomode on return from S3 sleep
On Tue, 27 Nov 2001 19:16:04 +0100
Pavel Machek <> wrote:

> Hi!
> > > I'll need to restore video mode on returning from acpi sleep...
> > >
> > > Unfortunately, video selection code is not part of kernel, it is
> > > 16-bit code. acpi_wakeup.S, otoh, *is* part of kernel :-(.
> >
> > Is this on the console and if it is I assum you are uing vgacon. It could
> > be the S# card has a broken implemenation. This wouldn't be the first.
> > Their has been a patch sometime for vesafb to work properly with S3 cards.
> >
> > S3 framebuffer anyone? I remember their has been scathered work on this
> > but I never seen anything come to light for this.
> Oh. Sorry. By S3 I mean ACPI S3 state. ACPI S3 == suspend to RAM.
> Basically what I need is to restore video mode after returning from
> ACPI S3 sleep state, so that vesafb works properly.
> Pavel

I need the same for APM. (I would prefer ACPI, but it currently hangs by box)
I have to use vesafb or I get artifacts (Trident CyberBlade/XP), but then a
resume from APM never restores the video. Presumably, a reset (similar to
when the fb is turned on?) would fix the problem. I haven't looked into it
yet due to lack of time, but if someone else is going to work on it, I'll
gladly help test.

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