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SubjectRe: procfs bloat, syscall bloat [in reference to cpu affinity]
On Tue, 2001-11-27 at 06:32, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> > I am not against a proc interface per se, I would like a proc
> > interface, especially for the reading of affinity values. But in my
> > view the system call interface should also exist and it should be the
> > dominate way of communicating affinity to processes.
> i'm not against the /proc interface either - on the contrary, i've picked
> it when implementing /proc/irq/<NR>/smp_affinity.

What if we kept the procfs interface for read only and keep both
syscalls for read and write ?

The proc read interface is 2 lines of code in one function ... very much
of my patch would be gone. Again, personally, I'd like to see proc for
writing and reading, but ...

Robert Love

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