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Subjectheads-up: preempt kernel and tux NO-GO
Hi -

I have been looking into the tux2 webserver -
Man, what a thing of beauty. A web benchmark
that sends the load on the web server to 150
when running apache results in a load average
of maybe 2 when running tux, and much faster
results to boot - anyway, I digress....

I built 2.4.16+low-latency+preempt+tux2, and
started testing it. To my horror, the webserver
died - I checked the logs and found an oops -
(for your edification, I attach it below)

So, I figured, preempt and low latency don't
mix well - I'll just build a kernel with tux and

To my horror, the new kernel without the
low latency patch oopsed immediately as
well, as soon as I started an apachebench
run from a remote testing box.

(for you edification, I include this oops also)

I removed the preempt patch and basically
compiled just 2.4.16+tux, and hammered on
it for several hours - rock solid.

So, there is an issue with tux and the preempt
patch - I've got big plans for tux atm, so for
now I will have to do without preempt -

Thanks & Regards,


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