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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.16 Bug (PPC)
war writes:

> Bug still resides in 2.4.16 still, even after the PPC fixes that were
> applied to 2.4.16-pre1.
> If nobody cares about PPC updates, I guess I should put the box back on
> the shelf.

Gratuitous rudeness will usually get you an answer. :)

> The video driver (plat) is the framebuffer for a few macs, without it,
> I cannot do anything.
> Any plans to fix this?
> // default_vmode = nvram_read_byte(NV_VMODE);
> // default_cmode = nvram_read_byte(NV_CMODE);
> Commenting the two undefined functions out in drivers/video/platinumfb.c
> allows for a successful compile.
> It also allows for the video driver to be brought up succesfully.

Have you reported this before, on this list or anywhere else?

The problem is that your config is slightly unusual in that you have
turned off CONFIG_NVRAM. We can put some ifdefs in so that it
compiles without CONFIG_NVRAM. For now, just turn on CONFIG_NVRAM.

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