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SubjectCML2 1.9.1 is available
The latest version is always available at

Release 1.9.1: Tue Nov 27 13:29:50 EST 2001
* Rulebase and help sync with 2.4.16/2.5.1-pre1 (except for SH port).
* APIC rulebase correction by Damian M Gryski <>.
* It is now possible to selectively suppress the emission of derived
symbols to the configuration file with an unless...suppress.
* Improvements to compiler's well-formedness checking.

This folds in a couple of recent feature requests.

Keith Owens has reported a looping bug I can't reproduce -- the bug
log suggests that his CML2 rulebase is mis-installed somehow. The bug
list is otherwise empty. The to-do list is empty.
<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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