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SubjectAbsence of PS/2 keyboard causes spurious IRQ7? - Was Re: 'spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ7'
At 15:01 27/11/01, Alan Cox wrote:
>With IO Apic support included ? If you are using an AMD/VIA combo chipset
>board that would explain it

I do use IO Apic on both my machines (one athlon/via kt133, one p4/i845)
and as long as I have a PS/2 keyboard attached I NEVER see the spurious
interrupt message on either system.

With a USB keyboard instead of a PS/2 keyboard the VIA box but not the i845
box starts showing the spurious IRQ7. It appears during boot exactly once
(always) and then occasionally during system run time. Usually associated
with me loading/unloading the ntfs module during testing.

Also when using the USB keyboard I get keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not
present?(f4) messages popping up from time to time. Usually accompanied by
a spurious IRQ7 message.

So at least on my VIA box there seems to be a relationship between the lack
of PS/2 keyboard and the IRQ7 messages.

Note, with my PS/2 keyboard (before I upgraded to USB one) I never saw
either of the above messages.

I recently upgraded the i845 box to USB keyboard as well and while I do see
the kyboard: Timeout messages I do not see any spurious interrupts.

Very odd.

Best regards,


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