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Subject2 questions (block_dev.c / buffer.c)

I've gor two short question regarding the changes that got into the kernel
about 2.4.14 (I think)

1. block_dev.c (blkdev_get())
This function doesn't increment the refrence count for the bdev via
acquire_inode (or bdget). The error path in do_open as well as
blkdev_put however decrease the count.
Shouldn't there be an acquire_inode(bdev->bd_inode) ?

2. buffer.c (invalidate_bdev())
This now prints a message whenever bh->bd_count is not 0.
However this is always the case when doing an BLKFLSBUF
ioctl on a device with an mount FS on it.
(All the reported buffer heads belong AFAICS to the super block
data of the filesystem)
This seemed to be the case before (just silently ignored) so I guess
it is not a terribly bad thing. But its a bit anoying and may lead to
errors at the wrong end...
Was the intention to complain always like now or just in the destroy

Stefan Bader

Linux for eServer development

When all other means of communication fail, try words.

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