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SubjectRe: a nohup-like interface to cpu affinity
At 11:49 PM 11/26/01 -0500, Robert Love wrote:
>I can see the use for this, but you can also just do `echo whatever >
>/proc/123/affinity' once it is running ... not a big deal.

It's isn't quite the same..the biggest difference is races. The cpuselect(1)
tool would change the affinity mask before the fork & exec of the first
child. To
do this by hand via an `echo whatever >/proc/123/affinity' would miss all the
children spun off by 123 before the echo could be executed. One could write
cpuselect as a shell script I suppose, using within it an echo on
though even as a shell script it would be better to have this tool be part
of the standard
Linux repetoire that everyone could depend upon as being there in all Linux
and having a well known and unchanging syntax and semantics, rather than
have it
remain something that each user creates ad-hoc as the need for the tool arises.


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