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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.16-pre1
On 26 Nov 2001, Martin Persson wrote:

> I must say I'm seriously annoyed with the 2.4-tree so far. As far as
> I'm concerned, 2.4 were obviously released too eary (or maybe the
> 2.5-tree should have been opened earlier so we wouldn't had this
> VM-mess in the "stable" release). I'm not so annoyed for my own part
> (I've mainly stayed on the 2.2 and will stay there until 2.4 looks
> sane), but for a friend of mine.


> I must say that he really tried. He forsaked much of his spare time to
> learn Linux and he learned a lot rather fast, but when a deadline on
> one of his projects crept too close and he still didn't have a working
> computer, he finally despaired and we lost him back to Windows XP.

Yes. I bought an Athlon with top-of-the-line video and sound cards for
multimedia work. I *still* don't have a Linux driver for either the 3D or
the sound card, so I'm dual-booting with Windows 2000. Alsa is garbage -- they
"have a driver" for my sound card but the documentation -- what little there
is -- is incomprehensible. I even bought the OSS/Linux drivers, but they are
closed source and the documentation isn't much better. I sent e-mail to the
vendor who told me RTFM. I haven't even tried to deal with the video issues.
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