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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.16-pre1
Thats just it, Im automatically called a troll because I disagree with the community. And in responce of what about 14 people said, yes, ive been using linux for a very long time, and Ive read the lkml for a very long time as well. Yet, somehow, people still want to say I dont know anything about the kernel. Well, those people, and you trolls know who you are, your mail is now automatically dumped into /dev/null. Now as the whole fact of me leaving, why should I? I have more than a right to stay here because I _dont_ agree with the major players. This is something that imho has gone on way too long. Linus and ac arnt gods. Or whatever the gnu church is calling deities now. I didnt speak up for a long while because I was afraid that this would act as some lighting rod for all the trolls, flamers, and the rest of the luser hordes. And, though I wish it didnt, it did. And, yes, there arnt that many people that disagree with the community and still want to help it. Its about 10 people. I dunno, maybe we need more of us. Especially if they show how petty most people can get. Im tired of alot of the stupid linux kiddies and gnu worshipers. But, I have to deal with them. Specifically, my /dev/null deals with them. Im tired of those people because they say the same thing over if they are right or wrong, "Linus/ac/$diety is right!" Linus and ac would agree with me, they havent been right 100% of the time, yet, if you listened to the (massive) group of cluebies, you would led to belive that these two geeks are superhuman in some way. This is far from the case.  Now, if everyone still thinks that Im the troll here, I seriously think everyone needs to take a deep breath, may be two if the first one didnt work. 

On 25-Nov-2001, Horst von Brand wrote:
> Patrick McFarland <> said:
> > No, you are. Sorry to say that but you are. Im probably maybe one of 10
> > people on this whole planet that would like to see the kernel become more
> > than it is,
> Last time I knew, there were a few tens of _thousands_ of people lon
> lkml...
> > and would actually help doing it.
> ... and many of them did test new kernels, and reported bugs, and supplied
> patches. You are way off base here.
> > Obviously, the whole damn
> > community is having problems with me disagreeing with it, so screw
> > it. You guys blew it.
> Either you work _in_ the community (and abide by its rules) or you get out.
> Or you are just a troll that I feeding...
> --
> Horst von Brand
> Casilla 9G, Vin~a del Mar, Chile +56 32 672616

Patrick "Diablo-D3" McFarland ||
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