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SubjectRe: Possible md bug in 2.4.16-pre1

On Monday November 26, wrote:
> On kernel 2.4.16-pre1 software RAID (tested with levels 0 and 1 on the
> same two drives), it is not possible to "raidstop /dev/md0" after
> mounting and using it, even though the partition is unmounted. Attempts
> are rejected with "/dev/md0: Device or resource busy". Even shutting
> down to single user mode does not release the device for stopping. I
> had to reboot to single user mode, then I was able to stop it,
> unconfigure it, etc.

I think this might be due to a buggy "raidstop". I seem to recall
someone having a similar problem some months ago. It turned out that
they we using a vendor supplied raidstop that did the wrong thing.

Could you try compiling raid-tools from

and see if that works.

Alternaltely, get mdctl from

and use
mdctl --stop /dev/md0

If this still doesn't work, please send me an "strace" of raidstop
running and failing.

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