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SubjectRe: 2.4.15 and GNU 3.0.2
That really depends on what sort of system you are running it on.

Out of five computers I build kernels for at home here, one of them has
an AMD K6II processor in it and that is the only one that I need to use
gcc 2.95.3 with. The rest I use 3.0.x and they are quite stable. I
just did a round of updates to 2.5.1p, but their prior uptimes were
between 30 and 80 days.

I'm not saying 3.0.2 is perfect, for sure it isn't. I'm saying that in
some situations it can certainly be used.

Every compiler has issues, for some projects I have to use 3.0.2, some I
have to use 2.95.3. You keep notes on what works best and go with it.


Sinisa Milivojevic wrote:

>I think that documentation should stress more strongly that GNU 3.0.*
>series of compilers can not be used for building of the production
>I have got kernel panic in init ....
>This is not a complaint, just an information.

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