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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Scalable page cache

    hm, as far as i can see, your patch dirties both cachelines of the target
    struct page on every lookup (page_splay_tree_find()), correct? If correct,
    is this just an implementational thing, or something more fundamental?

    i've been thinking about getting rid of some of the cacheline dirtying in
    the page lookup code, ie. something like this:

    - #define SetPageReferenced(page) set_bit(PG_referenced, &(page)->flags)
    + #define SetPageReferenced(page) \
    + if (!test_bit(PG_referenced), &(page)->flags) \
    + set_bit(PG_referenced, &(page)->flags)

    this would have the benefit of not touching the cacheline while doing a
    simple read(), if the referenced bit is still set. (which is not cleared
    too eagerly in most no-VM-pressure cases.) And it should not be a problem
    that this is not race-free - missing to set the referenced bit is not a
    big failure.


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