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    SubjectRe: Linux and RS/6000 250
    On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 02:28:47PM +0100, Jochen Friedrich wrote:
    > Hi Sven,
    > > I've uh "inherited" an elderly RS/6000 250 and wanted to install linux
    > > on it. Googleing for this machine and linux turns up information that it
    > > is not possible. Yet, this information is a tad older (one to two years
    > > old), so I wondered if anything changed in that regard -
    > > apparently PPC in combination with the MCA bus were not supported.
    > I own a couple of them and currently run AIX 4.3.3 on all of them.
    > However, i heared, that the support from IBM is to be discontinued next
    > year and i would ^love^to run Linux on them if at all possible :-)

    Add a 350 from me. But the problem is not just the PPC/MCA combination,
    but also the CPU. It's Power, not PowerPC!

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