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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: kernel BUG at filemap.c:791
J Sloan wrote:
> Wow, it must have taken quite some effort
> to patch a 2.2 kernel for ext3!
> OK, assuming you really mean 2.4.14, there
> is a patch floating around the list for that -

You are correct, I fat-fingered the kernel version, 2.4.14 is what I'm
running. Been running 2.4.x kernels for quite a while now, and I catch
myself freqently making that mistake when I type the version.

> I had a compaq 6500 that would scribble
> on the disk and then lock up hard at some
> random point in time - but that behaviour
> could be triggered immediatley by running
> dbench - Look for the compaq patches from
> Jens Axboe or better yet, lose 2.4.14 and go
> straight to 2.4.16-pre1, since it has the ida
> raid fixes, and ext3 support already.

Will give the 2.4.16-pre1 kernel a shot and see how it behaves.

I should have mentioned in my intial post as well that I've seen both
hard locks (as in this case) and soft locks (where I could use the
'magic sysreq key' feature), both of which referenced this particular
code segment.

Thanks for the quick response.

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