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SubjectRe: 2.4.14 Oops during boot (KT133A Problem?)
Congratulations! wrote:
> Well, the problem got solved (although not in a way I'd consider
> satisfactory). After my machine started random segfaulting the day
> before yesterday, I memcheck86'ed it again (the last check is a mere two
> months ago), and lo - all three RAM chips were broken. Unfortunately, I
> discovered this, after this broken RAM caused my /usr partition to go
> fubar, resulting in me spending yesterday with a nice little reinstall.
> After the reinstall, 2.4.14 booted fine off the harddisk. No more
> oopses.

During this holidays, I guessed, and I thought it because of
harddisk or PCI chip erro. Memory error! Was it found when booting
matherboard by BIOS? I think motherboard always check memories when

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