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SubjectRe: IDE is still crap.. or something
To quote you (I'm pulling this from the archives as I can't handle the
l-k mail load anymore):

>Also, I'm not meaning to sound important or anything with my sig. Maybe
> should change it? Hmm...
> > Regards,
> >
> > Andre Hedrick
> > Linux ATA Development
> > Linux Disk Certification Project
> _____________________________________________________
> | Martin Eriksson <>
> | Linux developer / Ignorant excuse for a human /
> | Ranting bastard / Swede

I suggest you remove "Linux developer" from your sig. I had "Linux
Kernel Developer" in there for a while, and it was somewhat of a
recurring topic on debian-devel, and made me look like a pretencious
prick. So, unless your name's in CREDITS, or MAINTAINERS, it's not a
terribly good thing to put in your sig. :)

Daniel Stone <>
Linux/UNIX Developer, NEC Business Solutions
(not a Linux Kernel Developer)

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