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SubjectRe: Kernel Releases
On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 09:49:39PM -0800, John Alvord wrote:
> Development kernels are development kernels... nothing else. Look to
> distributors for high degrees of quality assurance testing. When you run a
> development kernel you have joined the development team, even if you don't
> know it. Finding and reporting bugs is your job...

2.x.y, where x is even, is not a development kernel. It's a release kernel.
2.x.y, where x is odd is a development kernel
2.x.yprez is a development kernel

I think his point is that recently, 2.x.y where x is even has been of
the same quality as a development kernel. Blatantly nasty bugs are in it
and they really shouldn't be. And so, in order to test things out better
he effectively saying that putting a -rcz tag on it will help as it'll
indicate a release candidate and as such might get more ppl to use it.
Once no obvious issues show up with those, put it as a release.

No real extra work required. You just need to make a decision of 'enough
stuffing about. I wanna make a release soon' and start labelling
acordingly. This doesn't mean -rcz will be release quality. It just
means that it's close to it. It still wont mean it's 100% bug free but
it's an extra chance to catch the bad stuff.

All in all, it's not a bad idea[tm].

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floating through my mind."
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