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SubjectRe: is 2.4.15 really available at
On Sat, 24 Nov 2001 14:56:18 +0100, 
Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:
>In article <> you wrote:
>> kbuild 2.5 has standard support for running user specific install
>> scripts after installing the bootable kernel and modules. That is, the
>> "update my bootloader" phase can be automated and will propagate from
>> one .config to the next when you make oldconfig.
>Never 2.4 kernels already try to excecute ~/bin/installkernel in the
>'make install' pass on i386.

I know. kbuild 2.5 goes further and gives the user a choice about
(a) whether to run a script on install and (b) what the script name is,
instead of hard coding it.

>Together with the above "~/bin/installkernel" option I put my kernels always
>into /lib/modules/<version>/vmlinux so I can find them easily (IMHO this
>should be default in 2.5)

Architecture dependent. In kbuild 2.5 for most architectures the
default location for the kernel, and .config is in

string 'Where to install the kernel' CONFIG_INSTALL_KERNEL_NAME "/lib/modules/KERNELRELEASE/vmlinuz"
if [ "$CONFIG_INSTALL_SYSTEM_MAP" = "y" ]; then
string ' Where to install' CONFIG_INSTALL_SYSTEM_MAP_NAME "/lib/modules/KERNELRELEASE/"
bool 'Install .config' CONFIG_INSTALL_CONFIG
if [ "$CONFIG_INSTALL_CONFIG" = "y" ]; then
string ' Where to install .config' CONFIG_INSTALL_CONFIG_NAME "/lib/modules/KERNELRELEASE/.config"

Users with special requirements (old BIOS, small /lib etc.) can
configure their install to put the kernel where they like. At least
one architecture (ia64) mandates that bootable images live in a
separate partition, the firmware on ia64 requires this, so the default
for vmlinuz is different.

string 'Where to install the kernel' CONFIG_INSTALL_KERNEL_NAME "/boot/efi/vmlinuz-KERNELRELEASE"

>so even lilo-using people could write simple
>scripts to add all kernels present in /lib/modules/ to their config.
>This does of course make the path '/lib/modules/' grossly misnamed, maybe
>we could change it into /kernel in 2.5 :)

I was tempted, but the number of things that would break ... shudder.

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