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Subjectthreads & /proc
Hi Guys,

Well, I'm a bit surprised that nobody asked it yet. Do we have sound
thread support? I am able to put my linux-2.4.15-pre{1,7} --
definitely, and if I remember right, 2.4.14-pre{7,8} too in some strange
state, when any program like top, killall or ps that wanna get some
information from /proc (even midnight commander if you are trying to
look at state of any process) blocks indefinitely. It goes to unclean
shutdown, for example. kill doesn block, but do nothing. (I tried to
kill processes from ls /proc list). And I see it only after several
[unsuccessful] runs of my multithreaded program. Well, I can't say
it's a correctly written program, I am still looking for bugs there.
I don't have 100% way to get into this state, but I suspect some locking
issues with /proc.
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